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We have compiled a collection of materials relating to a wide range of conservation work that we have undertaken at International Conservation Services over the past two decades. We hope that you may find some of this material interesting or useful to you.

We regularly write articles about aspects of our work, and give presentations at seminars and conferences. These articles range in focus from very technical to light, more entertaining stories about our work. You can look through our list of published articles and presentations and download copies of the articles or presentations.

We also share stories about our work on the blog, sustaining your heritage.

Each year we participate in a range of specialist conferences and seminars. International Conservation Services sponsors some of these events. We try to share our experiences at these events by writing conference reports.

From time to time, journalists report on work we are doing. The stories in our media clippings file give us a different perspective on the work we undertake.

International Conservation Services write occasional technical notes on particular topics related to conservation of cultural and heritage material. ICS staff Liz Holt and Karina Acton were the major contributors to the NSW Heritage Council's publication Stabilising Stuff. This guide to the stabilisation and conservation of archaeological artefacts and remains provide a concise ready reference for archaeologists before and during archaeological excavations.

We publish newsletters about our work at irregular intervals. You can read past newsletters, or subscribe to our newsletter mailing list.