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frederica josephson quilt


Stitched together in the mid-1800's, this heritage quilt is an important part of the history of Australian quilting. Frederica Mary Josephson was the wife of convict silversmith Emmanuel Josephson. From 1853 to 1873 they lived at Riverview Cottage in Longueville Sydney, where it is believed she created this incredible quilt. With a complex pattern of hexagonal stars and radiating diamonds, it is clear that considerable thought, time and care has gone into its construction.  


Due to the age of the piece, many of the fabrics had begun to deteriorate. To prepare it for upcoming exhibitions at the Hazelhurst Regional Gallery and Arts Centre, and National Gallery of Victoria, ICS was commissioned to oversee and assist with its conservation.The work was primarily carried out by Jane Donnelly from the National Trust.   

Scope of works     

  • Provided recommendations for the safe display of the quilt
  • Surface cleaned
  • Colour matched tulle netting to 11 different fabric types
  • Carefully attached the tulle to over 70 damaged areas of the quilt to stabilise them

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Frederica Josephson Quilt
Frederica Josephson quilt

Frederica Josephson Quilt DT 1
Gail Hamilton from ICS and Jane Donnelly from the National Trust working on the quilt

Frederica Josephson Quilt BT Close up
Close up of hexagonal star and diamond patch 
Frederica Mary Josephson Quilt 2
Cutting netting to match hexagonal patch
Frederica Josephson Quilt DT 3
Carefully stitching netting to quilt