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james dalton fountain

This intricate, cast-iron fountain was donated to the community of Orange in 1891 by local merchant, James Dalton. Situated in the centre of Cook Park, the fountain has become an iconic and integral part of the town. A highly decorative piece, it features four cherubs holding water caskets, three cranes and two overflow bowls to catch the shoots of water that flow from its internal hydraulics system. The central cast-iron component (which weighs almost a tonne!) is mounted on a concrete plinth in the centre of a wide pool of water.    


Although the central cast-iron component of the fountain was in generally good condition, constant exposure to the elements meant that various repair works were needed. The internal plumbing and hydraulics systems had also deteriorated over time, and so had to be replaced and upgraded.


ICS undertook and supervised various stages of work in collaboration with Favcote, Bondi Stone Stonemasons, Water Features Australia and Orange City Council. This work included:  

  • Thorough investigation of all components on-site
  • Removal of central cast-iron component by crane and transportation to Sydney for treatment 
  • Construction of a steel frame to allow for safe handling
  • Dismantling of cast-iron components to allow for repair of failed fasteners and internal hydraulics
  • Blasting and application of specialised paint system suitable for a wet environment
  • Transportation of central component back to Orange
  • Refurbishment of fountain on-site including testing of plant and underground pipework, reinstallation of central component using a crane, and connecting and testing of hydraulic system
  • Repairs to concrete pedestal and installation of inspection point


Orange City Council

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James Dalton Fountain - BT 1
Before treatment

James Dalton Fountain - BT 2
Before treatment

James Dalton Fountain - Dismantle

James Dalton Fountain - Securing to truck
Securing dismantled sculpture to truck, ready for transport

James Dalton Fountain - Treatment off-site
Treatment of cast-iron components off-site

James Dalton Fountain - Reinstallation
Reinstallation on-site