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oph external light fittings


ICS has been involved in conserving both interior and exterior elements of Old Parliament House for many years. We were recently commissioned to conserve the 16 external light fittings located along the front of the building. Made out of a combination of metal (copper alloy and iron alloy), acrylic and electrical components, the light fittings sit atop painted concrete poles either singly or in pairs.


Although generally in good condition, constant exposure to the elements had caused various issues. For example, the surfaces of all copper alloy and iron alloy components were coated in dust, dirt, accretions and bird droppings. There was also minor surface corrosion present, loss of patina and marked variations in their colour and texture. The conical, acrylic diffusers placed over the electrical components of the lights were in a less stable condition. Made out of a bent sheet of white acrylic joined in two places with adhesive, their joints were failing in many cases and required repair.


ICS oversaw the conservation of each light fitting, which involved the following:    

  • Removal of the metal and acrylic components from Old Parliament House Facade by Museum of Australian Democracy (MoAD) contractors
  • Brush vacuuming and surface cleaning of metal components at ICS's Sydney laboratories
  • Surface cleaning of acrylic diffusers 
  • Repair of failed adhesive joints on acrylic diffusers using acrylic adhesives 
  • Reinstallation of light fittings by MoAD contractors 


Museum of Australian Democracy   


Old Parliament House Façade 


Building Conservation / Object Conservation 








OPH Lights at Night
Lights after dark
OPH Lights Upper Section
Upper section of light fitting - Before treatment   
OPH Lights Upper Section AT
Upper section of light fitting - After treatment     
OPH Lights Diffuser BT
Diffuser before treatment, showing failure of adhesive along join 
OPH Lights Diffuser DT 2
Diffuser during treatment  
OPH Lights AT
Light after treatment and reinstallation