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oph bronze coat of arms


ICS has been involved in conserving both interior and exterior elements of Old Parliament House for many years. We were recently commissioned to conserve the cast, copper alloy (likely bronze) Australian coat of arms located on the front of the portico over the building's front steps.


Although the piece was in a good and stable condition overall, constant exposure to the elements had caused various issues. The surface was coated with dust, dirt and accretions, and there were areas of minor surface corrosion. There were also slight variations in colour and texture, depletions in the wax coating, white over-paint on the rear surface, and iron corrosion products found on the fasteners.


  • Removed over-paint using a combination of solvents
  • Removed depleted wax coating using white spirits
  • Surface cleaned using non-ionic detergent
  • Removed accretions
  • Mechanical and chemical reduction of corrosion products
  • Hot application of microcrystalline wax paste
  • Buffed to even polish
  • Reduced iron corrosion products on fasteners and treated with tannic acid solution


Museum of Australian Democracy   


Old Parliament House Façade 


Building Conservation / Object Conservation 








OPH Bronze Coat of Arms Front BT
   Before treatment - Front
OPH - Bronze Coat of Arms AT
   After treatment - Front   
OPH Bronze Coat of Arms Back BT
   Before treatment - Back  
OPH Bronze Coat of Arms Back AT
   After treatment - Back  
OPH Bronze Coat of Arms Installed
   After treatment - Reinstalled onto front façade of OPH