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old parliament house façade


Old Parliament House (OPH) is a nationally significant heritage building located in Canberra's parliamentary zone. The building was home to the Federal Parliament from 1927 to 1988, making it an important part of Australia's democratic traditions. Today, OPH is home to the Museum of Australian Democracy, an enriching institution that informs the public of Australia's constitutional, political and social history.

ICS and OPH 

ICS has been involved in conserving both interior and exterior elements of OPH for many years. We were recently commissioned to conserve the following components of the building's façade:         


Museum of Australian Democracy


Building Conservation / Object Conservation 








OPH Facade - British COA + Window
Painted British coat of arms
Copper alloy clad window
OPH Coat of Arms - Australia AT
Australian coat of arms

OPH - Bronze Coat of Arms AT
Bronze coat of arms
OPH - Light Fitting
Light fitting