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1929 honour cap from the king's school


Honour caps are often used to celebrate achievements and milestones such as sporting victories and graduations. This honour cap, presented to a student of The King's School in 1929, is a fine example of a 6-piece school cap. Made of silk and cotton velvet, it has a small peaked brim, silver cord decoration and a fine metal braid ribbon running around the edge. The front panel of the cap is also embroidered in metal thread.    


The cap was quite out of shape when it arrived at ICS and many of the metallic embellishments had come loose. The tassel and button had also become detached from the top of the hat.   


First, the entire cap was surface cleaned to remove dirt and other particulates. The metallic braid, ribbon and tassel were all then reattached. Finally, a display head was purpose-made for the cap to sit upon within its display box, to ensure that it retains its shape whilst on display.


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1929 Honour Cap - BT

  Before Treatment   

1929 Honour Cap - AT

After Treatment

1929 Honour Cap - BT Detail

 Before Treatment - Detail

1929 Honour Cap - AT Detail

   After Treatment - Detail