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black and white wedding photograph

This silver-gelatine photograph, likely produced around the Edwardian era (1901-1910), had a number of areas of damage including creases, tears, a missing corner and damage to the emulsion layer across the bride's face. On the back of the photograph there was also a layer of dry mount tissue. This is often used to adhere photographs to supports, however over time the tissue will inevitably yellow and can discolour the photograph if not removed.


Conservation treatment greatly improved both the long term stability and appearance of the photograph. Surface cleaning removed any loose dirt, and was followed by removal of the dry mount tissue. One small area of the tissue contained an inscription describing the people in the photograph. As this was considered an important part of the photograph's history, it was carefully removed in one piece and placed in an archival sleeve suitable for long term storage. An archival backing was applied to add extra strength to the creases and tears. The areas of damaged emulsion across the bride's face were carefully folded back and adhered into place. Any areas with missing emulsion were inpainted. Finally, the photograph was scanned by a digitisation specialist to provide a high quality digital reproduction.  


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    Black & White Wedding Photo - BT 2        
         Before Treatment

    Black & White Wedding Photo - AT    
           After Treatment   

    Black & White Wedding Photo - BT (Detail)
      Tear - Before Treatment  

  Black & White Wedding Photo - AT (Detail)
   Tear - After Treatment