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terracotta warrior


The Chinese city of Xian recently gifted this sculpture of a Terracotta Warrior to Hornsby Shire Council. The sculpture is a "replica of those in the world-renowned Terracotta Army that was discovered in 1974 in Xian" (Hornsby Shire Council Website). Unfortunately, the sculpture was held up at customs and a hole drilled into the back of its head to ensure that nothing unauthorized had been stored inside. ICS was approached by Hornsby Shire Council to repair the damage so that this generous gift could go on display in the Council Chambers.     


To repair the large losses in the terracotta and painted finish at the back of the statue's head, the following conservation treatment was carried out:

  • Losses to the terracotta were recreated using Apoxie Sculpt (synthetic polymer clay) and coloured with dry pigment
  • The repaired area was painted with Derivan Matisse Professional Artist Acrylic Paint
  • A dry clay patina was applied by airbrush

For more information

Read this post by Hornsby Shire Council


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Terracotta Warrior - Front of Head (BT)
       Front of Head        

Terracotta Warrior - Back of Head (BT)
Back of Head - Before Treatment

Terracotta Warrior - Back of Head (AT)
 Back of Head - After Treatment

Terracotta Warrior - Hornsby Council Image
Terracotta Warrior on display at
Hornsby Shire Council Chambers
(Image courtesy of Hornsby Shire Council)