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oPH painted coats of arms


ICS has been involved in conserving both interior and exterior elements of Old Parliament House for many years. We were recently commissioned to conserve the two painted coats of arms (one British, one Australian) that sit atop the front façade of the building. 


Both coats of arms were last treated in the early 1990s. Since then, their paint and gilding had deteriorated considerably. Significant amounts of dust, dirt, pollution and bird droppings had accumulated on both structures, accelerating their deterioration. 


  • Cleaned off dirt and debris using a brush and damp cloths
  • Scraped off loose material, wiped down surface and washed again to remove any remaining dust and debris
  • Infilled cracks and losses
  • Sanded and sculpted fills to match surrounds, and primed filled areas ready for repainting
  • Repainted and re-gilded both coats of arms


Museum of Australian Democracy


Old Parliament House Facade 


Building Conservation / Object Conservation   









OPH Coat of Arms - British BT AT 2
         British Coat of Arms -
     Before and After Treatment    

OPH Coat of Arms - British AT (wide)
British Coat of Arms -
After Treatment

OPH Coat of Arms - Australia AT 
Australian Coat of Arms -
After Treatment
OPH Coat of Arms - Australian DT
Australian Coat of Arms -
During Treatment