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military memorabilia and memorials


Typical problems

We have treated numerous military-related items, for both private and institutional clients, ranging from medals, uniforms, swords, diaries, photographs and personal effects through to war memorials and honour boards. The problems we see with these items vary depending on the items itself and the material from which it is made, but can include surface dirt, corrosion, broken or missing elements, tears, staining and surfaces losses.     RSL badge after treatment.

Treatment options

The treatment of your military item will depend on the type of damage it has sustained, as well as other factors such as age, condition and the nature of the piece. The different types of treatments we undertake include surface cleaning, repair or replacement of broken or missing elements, tear repairs, rmoval of corrosion and applicaiton of anti-rust treatments, and infilling and inpainting of surface losses.

Our conservators can advise on environmental requirements for optimum protection of your objects, whether they are on display or in storage. We can also assist by advising on appropriate display mounts and supports for your military memorabilia if required.    

Please contact us to discuss how we can help with your military memorabilia and memorials.  



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