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Typical problemsCaptain Cook bronze sculpture before treatment

We regularly conserve, repair and restore bronze sculptures and plaques. Many of these are outdoor sculptures, however we also work on smaller, indoor bronze and brass sculptures. The most common problem we see with bronze sculptures is the presence of corrosion, which is usually green or white in colour and found as spots or a light surface layer. In addition to corrosion, another problem we see is the deterioration of protective coatings, which can turn a hazy white over time, peel or cause corrosion of the metal.  

These problems are especially prevalent in outdoor sculptures, but can also occur on indoor sculptures. For outdoor sculptures near the coast, salt in the air can cause particularly damaging corrosion. 

Treatment optionsCaptain Cook bronze sculpture after treatment

The treatment methodology devised for your bronze sculpture will depend largely on the nature and extent of the damage, as well as the future intended use of the sculpture and its display/storage environment. 

Periodic cleaning and coating can reduce the rate of corrosion on bronze sculptures and plaques, as the coating serves as a protective barrier against moisture and air. We can work with you to develop a routine maintenance schedule for your sculptures, which is aimed at minimising the effects of the environment on sculptures by maintaining protective coatings and reducing and removing surface dirt. 

Please contact us to discuss how we can help with your bronze sculptures. 


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