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willoughby incinerator 


The Willoughby Incinerator was designed by Walter Burley Griffin and Eric Milton Nicholls, and was opened in 1934. It operated as an incinerator until 1967, and continued operations as a sewerage plant until 1974. The building had been used as a restaurant and offices subsequently, but it was vacant prior to conservation planning commencing in 2005. It now operates as a café and art space .

ICS was commissioned to undertake a condition assessment of the building and to contribute to an assessment of future re-use options. A major issue was the deterioration of reinforced concrete elements, particularly the chimney, and we provided input into the assessment and evaluation of remedial options for the concrete. During the conservation works program, we also prepared a technical specification for sandstone masonry conservation works. 


  • Undertake condition assessment
  • Evaluate options for remedial works to concrete structural elements
  • Contribute to assessment of future re-use options
  • Provision of technical specification for sandstone masonry conservation works


Willoughby City Council


Building Conservation, Engineering Structures 



Willoughby Incinerator during construction

Willoughby Incinerator at time of original construction

Willoughby Incinerator

Willoughby Incinerator before conservation

Willoughby Incinerator - entry

Entry to Willoughby Incinerator before conservation