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American Civil War Kepi


American Civil War Kepi 


Private Collection


Textiles Conservation


The cap is an American Civil War Kepi. It arrived wrapped up in a box where it had been stored for years with dried Lavender and Rosemary to keep insects away. The plant material had in fact attracted insects. The damage by insect infestation was extensive. Much of the original woollen cloth had been completely decimated. The areas of loss were greater than the fabric which remained.


The treatment involved:

  • separating the insect and plant material from the remnants of the Kepi
  • identifying where each remnant had originally come from in the structure of the piece
  • cleaning the individual pieces

Once the collection of clean remnants had been assembled, a solid fabric covered support was made, imitating the original shape of the kepi. The support was then 'clothed' in the remnants, a very intricate and complicated process, and then stitched in place.

The reconstruction allows this wonderful family heirloom to be seen once more, resembling its original shape and showing what remains of the details.


Before Treatment


After Treatment