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transport house, Sydney, facade



Transport House, Sydney, heritage facade 


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Architectural Conservation 


Transport House, located in Macquarie Street, Sydney, was constructed in 1938 for the Department of Road Transport and Tramways. It was designed by the leading architectural firm Budden and Mackey, and was built in order to coordinate the various branches of the Department of Road Transport and Tramways which had, until this point, been scattered throughout the city. The building was sold in 1989. ICS was commissioned to undertake a detailed condition assessment of the building's facade, and to prepare a technical specification detailing the scope of work for future conservation works to the sandstone, brickwork and windows of the facade. 


  • Review Conservation Management Plan and all past facade reports
  • Undertake an inspection of external elements, including all sandstone elements, granite cladding, brickwork and bronze doors
  • Document the condition of each element 
  • Record the extent of each type of deterioration
  • Identify appropriate options for conservation works
  • Prepare a schedule of proposed conservation works for each element of the facade
  • Prepare recommendations for any further investigations or inspections of the facade prior to preparation of detailed documentation for the conservation works
  • Recommend the most appropriate procurement approach for facade conservation works
  • Prepare drawings and specification for tender




Transport House facade

Transport House facade

Transport House facade - bronze doors

Bronze doors

Transport House facade - parapet detail

Detail of parapet