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caring for: stone objects


Provided below are a selection of online resources with information relating to the general care of stone objects to help you look after your stone objects. For specific advice relating to your item or collection, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Care and Storage


 Bark painting TN 

caring for: bark paintings

 Book conservation 

caring for: books

 Ceramic conservation TN 

caring for: ceramic and glass objects

 Papuan skull board TN 

caring for: ethnographic objects

 National Trust of Australia NSW cellarette TN 

caring for: furniture and wooden objects

 Documents and photographs TN 

caring for: historical and archival material

 Metals conservation TN 

caring for: metal objects

 Ritter Intro 

caring for: paintings and frames


caring for: photographs

 Plastics TN 

caring for: plastic objects

 Sampler Intro 

caring for: textiles and costume

 Works of art on paper TN 

caring for: works of art on paper