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dealing with mould 


Due to its prevalence in the environment, mould is a problem we regularly encounter with collection objects. The damage caused to an object by mould can be irreversible, depending on the nature of the infestation and how long the mould has been present. Mould can also be potentially harmful to our health.

We have compiled a list of resources available online that discuss how to deal with mould should you find it in your collection or on your objects. Please note that this is general information, and may not be specific to your object. If you have any questions or concerns regarding mould and your collection or object, please do not hesitate to contact us. We can assess and test objects or collections that are mould-affected.

Many of the links below refer to ranges of relative humidity (RH) and temperature for safe, long term display and storage.  As you will read, different organisations sometimes state different ranges. This is because there is no single correct range.

Latest information tells us that setting ‘one size fits all' ranges for RH and temperature isn't always necessary or appropriate. As organisations update their fact sheets, this will be revised.

As always, the most important thing is to keep your items in a stable environment, one where the RH and temperature remain relatively constant throughout the day and across the year.  It is the changes in RH and temperature that can cause physical problems such as cracks, splits, and distortion.


 Bark painting TN 

caring for: bark paintings

 Book conservation 

caring for: books

 Ceramic conservation TN 

caring for: ceramic and glass objects

 Papuan skull board TN 

caring for: ethnographic objects

 National Trust of Australia NSW cellarette TN 

caring for: furniture and wooden objects

 Documents and photographs TN 

caring for: historical and archival material

 Metals conservation TN 

caring for: metal objects

 Ritter Intro 

caring for: paintings and frames


caring for: photographs

 Plastics TN 

caring for: plastic objects

 Sculpture TN 

caring for: stone objects

 Sampler Intro 

caring for: textiles and costume

 Works of art on paper TN 

caring for: works of art on paper