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sacred heart church darlinghurst mosaic


Project name

Sacred Heart Church Darlinghurst mosaic relocation 


Equiset and University of Notre Dame 


Building Conservation 


ICS was involved in the relocation Risen Christ, a 92 tonne mosaic containing over 700,000 tiles located in the Sacred Heart Church in Darlinghurst.

The Church was originally constructed between 1910-1912, with additions  gradually added to the site over the years. As part of the redevelopment works for the University of Notre Dame, it was decided to reconfigure the church to the original 1912 orientation, which meant moving the mosaic and apse back to its original position as it was at the time of construction in 1912. In order to do this, the mosaic was moved approximately 8 metres laterally.

ICS was engaged to devise a strategy for protecting the mosaic during the relocation and to undertake cleaning and stabilisation works to the mosaic once relocated.


  • Condition assessment 
  • Provision of advice for the relocation of the mosaic
  • Review of relocation methodology
  • Facing up of the mosaic for protection prior to the relocation
  • Cleaning and conservation of mosaic following relocation


This project won the Institute of Engineers (Sydney Division) 2007 Engineering Excellence Award in the Heritage and Environment category. It was also awarded the President's Award for best project across all categories.





Sacred Heart Church Darlinghurst mosaic before the move

Mosaic before relocation

Sacred Heart Church Darlinghurst moving the mosaic into place

During relocation

Sacred Heart Church Darlinghurst mosaic in final position

In final position

Sacred Heart Church Darlinghurst 'Risen Christ' mosaic

Risen Christ mosaic