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Typical Problems

Furniture of all types incur similar problems due to the nature of their construction and use. The most common types of damage we see includes cracks/splits to timber, wear of joints, failure of glued sections, losses to carvings, loss of veneer and damage to the finish.

Treatment options

Every individual item of furniture carries its own history of use and wear, be it seated furniture, cabinets, tables or other pieces. Our treatments are specifically tailored to your piece to ensure it adequately addresses the problems associated with your item. We have extensive experience in undertaking complete repairsSecretaire before treatment which may cover a variety of different disciplines. Some of our specialised services include:

  • Condition reporting and assessment
  • Structural repairs
  • Carving/replication of missing elements
  • Veneer work (including marquetry)
  • Boulle work 
  • Gilding
  • Leather conservation and re-laying of leather desktops
  • Replication/manufacture of brass fitments
  • Lock repair and re-keying
  • Pietra dura
  • Finishing
  • Conservation and/or refurbishment of panelling/built-in furnitureSecretaire after treatment

The treatment we undertake on your piece will depend on a variety of factors, including the nature of damage, future intended use, age of the piece and construction. In some instances, the treatment required may only involve a basic surface clean and light wax. In other cases, however, the treatment may be more involved, requiring replication of elements, carving, re-laying of veneer/upholstery and re-finishing. We will discuss possible treatment options with you before we being working on your piece.

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