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Our furniture conservators have worked on a wide variety of antiques, furniture and wooden objects, ranging from Australian colonial furniture and antique European furniture through to ethnographic items and contemporary pieces. The conservation, repairs or restoration undertaken by our team are tailored specifically to your piece, taking into consideration factors such as the age of the piece, its construction, the materials used and the nature and extent of damage. This includes retaining the original patination of your furniture, as this is an integral part of its history. 

We conserve and restore a diverse range of antiques, both in our conservation labs and in situ, and will consult with you to ensure the work we undertake is suited to the needs of both yourself and the piece. Examples of the objects we have worked on include:   

  • Carved chair after treatmentCarved chair before treatmentBookcases
  • Cellarets
  • Collectors' chests
  • Display/specimen cases
  • Credenzas
  • Desks
  • Sofas
  • Chairs
  • Vitrines
  • Honour and memorial boards
  • Sculptures
  • Ethnographic items
  • Wooden objects

As you are aware, furniture and wooden items can sustain damage in a multitude of different ways, and we have repaired items with all sorts of damage including: 

  • Broken elements
  • Missing elements
  • Lifting veneer
  • Scuffed, scratched and damaged surfaces
  • Splits
  • Loose/broken joints
  • Damaged finishes
  • Missing hardware
  • Damaged upholstery
  • Cracks

We can undertake treatments to conserve, repair and stabilise any damage which your furniture piece or wooden object has sustained, in a manner which is sympathetic to its construction, age and the nature of damage. The conservation, repairs and restoration undertaken by our furniture conservators range between gentle surface cleaning through to complicated treatments involving replication of missing elements and colouring to match the overall look of the piece.

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