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architectural finishes

Typical problemsCeiling paint removal to reveal original paint layer

We are often contacted by clients who require advice and treatment options for painted finishes in buildings. The typical damage we see includes flaking, cracks and losses to the paint layer. In many cases, the finishes have been overpainted entirely. Damage  caused by water and/or soluble salts is also a common problem with painted architectural finishes.

Treatment options

In the first instance, we can provide advice on the existing condition of the painted finishes, and investigate the cause(s) of deterioration. We can investigate the history of the painted finishes through paint scrapes, paint sampling and colour ladders. This can assist with advice in original paint or colour schemes. Removal or overpaint is often feasible, but requires careful evaluation of alternate techniques. Other conservation treatments include cleaning, consolidation of flaking paint layers and infilling and inpainting losses. We also have experience in replication and reproduction of historical decorative paint schemes.


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