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Typical problemsMural detail before treatment

Murals, both interior and exterior, typically require conservation to stabilise flaking paint and substrate as well as to clean the mural. Another typical problem we often encounter  with murals, and in particular external murals, is fading and light damage. Unfortunately light damage is an irreversible process, and one which we are unable to reverse. Graffiti and vandalism is another unfortunate issue that arises with murals, particularly those which are on the exterior of buildings and structures.

Treatment options

We can assist with the stabilisation of  murals, through a variety of means, including surface cleaning, consolidation and re-touching the damage. As light damage is a cumulative and irreversible process, we are unable to restore the original colours once they have been lost. However, we can advise on methods to minimise the effects of light damage, including fading. For murals which have been affected by graffiti, we are able to treat the murals by carefully removing graffiti, and re-touching surface damage. Mural detail after treatment


On occasion, it is necessary to remove or relocate a mural. This is often the case for murals in buildings which are being demolished or heavily renovated. Many murals which require relocation have been assessed as being of state or national significance, although this is not always the case. We have extensive experience with moving murals, ranging in size from 1-2 metres up to 50 metres in length.