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Typical problemsFrame before treatment

Frames are sometimes as significant and important as the painting itself. Frames often suffer damage as a result of knocks, water, smoke or soot, or as a result of an incorrect storage/display environment. The typical problems we see include losses to decoration, cracks, loss of gold leaf and overpainting of original gilding with bronze paint. In some cases it is only the frame which requires treatment, and not the painting itself.

Treatment options

There are a number of treatments we can undertake to conserve and repair your damaged frame, however the nature of the treatment we Frame after treatmentundertake will depend on the damage the frame has sustained. Treatments undertaken may include stabilisation of frame and decorative elements, stripping of bronze paint to reveal original gold leaf and the replication of lost decoration. We can also re-gild the decorations on your frame the match the gold leaf colour and patinate the gold to match the aged appearance of existing gold leaf. Depending on the extent of the damage, commercially available frames can also be repaired.



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