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metal signs

Typical problems

In addition to treating paintings on canvas and board, we can also treat metal signs, both painted and enamelled. The typical sorts of damage we see on these types of signs includes chipped enamel, scratches to paint surfaces, dust and dirt, and damage as a result of corroding metal. 

Treatment options

We can conserve or restore your sign in a variety of ways, depending on the nature of damage. Although a treatment solution will be devised specifically for your sign, the typical types of treatment we carry out on a metal sign includes surface cleaning, consolidation of paint layers, removal of corrosion products, infilling and inpainting of losses, and application of a varnish layer to protect the original surface. If your sign is showing signs of corrosion, we can also apply a rust conversion treatment to slow the corrosion and reduce the effects of damage on the paint layer.



Metal sign before treatment







Metal sign after treatment

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