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Dunbar anchor conservation


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The Dunbar anchor is a significant landmark at the Gap at Watsons Bay, Sydney, adjacent to the location of the wreck of the clipper Dunbar. The anchor had been deteriorating for some years with the failure of an epoxy paint system. The project involved ICS assessing the options for its long term preservation, determining an appropriate treatment once the decision to keep it on display in its existing location had been made, and creating a long term care and maintenance strategy. 


  • Assessment of conservation requirements
  • Removal of anchor from its current display location
  • Detailed removal of the remaining paint system using a variety of hand tools and needle drills
  • Removal of surface corrosion by chemical means
  • Application of corrosion conversion coating
  • Application of three coats of fish oil
  • Re-installation in display location
  • Attachment of cathodic protection system

Heritage award

In 2010, this project won the award for the Conservation of Maritime Heritage - Corporate/Government at the Energy Australia National Trust Heritage Awards.



   Dunbar anchor before treatment
Dunbar anchor before treatment 


Detail of Dunbar anchor before treatment 

Detail of Dunbar anchor before treatment 

 Dunbar anchor after treatment

Dunbar anchor after treatment 

 Detail of Dunbar anchor after treatment

Detail of Dunbar anchor after treatment