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swifts mansion, darling point

The interior of Swifts Mansion was originally decorated in an elaborate style on almost every surface, including the walls, cornices and ceilings. However, all of these surfaces were overpainted in white when the mansion became the home of the Catholic archbishops of Sydney. ICS was commissioned to remove the overpaint, clean and inpaint the revealed surfaces and recreate lost areas including the ceilings. 

Scope of Works

  • Paint scrapes to reveal original paint schemes
  • Conservation of original decorative sufaces throughout entire mansion
  • Inpainting of original decorative surfaces 

For More Information 

Visit the NSW Government's webpage on the Heritage significance of the Swifts mansion and grounds.


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Swifts - revealing original painted surfaces
Revealing original painted surfaces
 Swifts - before inpainting
Before inpainting
Swifts - portion of ceiling following conservation After treatment