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gary shead mural relocation, Ultimo


This mural, painted by artists Gary Shead and Judith Englert-Shead, was originally located on the wall of the TAFE building in Harris Street, Ultimo. We were commissioned by the NSW Department of Commerce to advise on the best way in which to relocate the mural from the Harris Street building, which was to be demolished. We devised a method for relocating 9 metres of the original 50 metre mural into its new home, in another TAFE building in Ultimo (Building Z). 


  • Cut selected sections of mural, brick and render support
  • Transport the sections to their new location
  • Re-install the sections of mural in its new location 

For more information 

Read 'Artful move finds historic mural a new home', Sydney Morning Herald 


NSW Department of Commerce


Paintings Conservation  

 Artist Gary Shead assisting with the relocation process
Artist Gary Shead with his  mural


Gary Shead mural detailMural detail

Gary Shead mural after relocation
Mural after relocation