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great synagogue conservation of interior elements


Great Synagogue conservation of interior elements       


The Great Synagogue Sydney


Architectural Conservation, Furniture Conservation


ICS has undertaken several conservation projects for the Great Synagogue over the years, as they have progressively restored the interiors of this highly significant building. Our most recent project involved relaying the original encaustic tile floor, which had either become damaged, or were missing altogether. In order for us to do this, we had to source matching tiles, which we were able to do as the manufacturers of the original tiles installed in 1885 (Maw & Co), were still in existence. We have also conserved the thirteen large gilt metal chandeliers which hang from the ceiling of the Synagogue, a mammoth task which involved removing, cleaning, re-wiring and re-installing the chandeliers in groups of two. In conjunction with these two conservation projects, we have also conserved a variety of cedar furniture from within the Synagogue, including pews and cabinets.


  • Removal of broken tiles
  • Sourcing of replacement tiles
  • Relaying new tiles 
  • Conservation of thirteen gilt metal chandeliers
  • Conservation of cedar furniture




     Great Synagogue Sydney relaying encaustic tiles

Relaying tiles

Great Synagogue Sydney cedar pews before treatment

Cedar pews before treatment 

GS Chandelier after conservation 

Chandeliers after treatment