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kalgoorlie town hall stage curtain



ICS was commissioned by the City of Kalgoorlie Boulder to clean and conserve the large stage curtain in the Kalgoorlie Town Hall, which was originally installed in 1908. The stage curtain is constructed from a 16m long drop of red silk velvet, with a central applique crest bearing the letters "KMC AD 1908". The size of the stage curtain meant that it needed to be conserved in situ by a team of four textile conservators.        


  • Surface clean
  • Complete relining of curtain
  • Tear repairs
  • Removal of previous repairs
  • Replacement of previous repairs with painted and dyed mohair velvet
  • Reduction in visibility of previous water stains


City of Kalgoorlie Boulder


Textiles Conservation

 Kalgoorlie Boulder curtain (detail) BT

 Applique detail before treatment

 Kalgoorlie Boulder curtain (detail) AT

Applique detail after treatment

 Kalgoorlie Boulder curtain AT

Kalgoorlie Boulder curtain after treatment