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Hurstville City Museum & Gallery


Collections Management


The Hurstville City Museum & Gallery collection comprises a wide array of items. It contains in excess of 10,000 items, including textiles, paper-based items, sugar art, cameras, domestic items, photographs, negatives and microfilm. The Museum collection also includes the Local Studies collection, which is comprised primarily of paper-based items such as documents, photographs, books, newspapers and scrapbooks. The primary collecting theme is the domestic and working lives of the St George region in the 19th and 20th centuries. 


  • Collection condition assessment
  • Display and storage assessment
  • Identification of collection management requirements
  • Identification of preservation and conservation requirements 

 Hurstville City Museum and Gallery

     Hurstville City Museum & Gallery


Hurstville City Museum and Gallery display case

                   Object display


Hurstville City Museum and Gallery objects

Objects on display at the Hurstville City Museum & Gallery