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1st mosman 1908 scout group



Preservation Needs Assessment


1st Mosman 1908 Scout Group


Collections Management


The 1st Mosman 1908 Scout Group collection comprises a wide array of items, including photographs, paintings, paper based item, trophies and awards, log and minute books, preserved specimens and scouting equipment/materials. Funded by a National Library of Australia grant, 1st Mosman commissioned ICS to undertake a Preservation Needs Assessment of the collection. 


  • Collection condition assessment
  • Display and storage assessment
  • Identification of colleciton management requirements
  • Identification of preservation and conservation requirements








1st Mosman Scouts display cabinet 

Display cabinet containing items from the 1st Mosman collection

1st Mosman Scouts photographs 

1st Mosman photographic collection 

1st Mosman Scouts The Barn 

"The Barn", 1st Mosman's headquarters