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norman lindsay gallery sculpture collection 



Norman Lindsay Gallery sculpture collection


National Trust of Australia (NSW)


Sculpture Conservation 


The Norman Lindsay Gallery sculpture collection is comprised of approximately fourteen sculptures, pots and urns located throughout the Gallery grounds. All of these were made by Norman Lindsay using oncrete built up onto a metal frame. Some of the original concrete sculptures were copied, in bronze, in the 1980s in order to create a more durable record of the artist's orginal intent. We have been involved with this collection for many years, providing annual condition reports and undertaking conservation treatments to ensure the longevity of the sculptures. 


  • Stablisation and consolidation of delaminating areas.
  • Stablisation of cracks.
  • Recreation of lost elements.
  • Infilling of losses.
  • Treatment and monitoring of biological growth.
  • Consolidation of powdering render.
  • Treatment of corroding areas of reinforcement.
  • Stain removal.
  • Training of volunteers in order for them to undertake basic cleaning of the sculptures.



 Norman Lindsay Gallery - bust

Female bust on pedestal

Norman Lindsay Gallery - fountain