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portfolio examples - Paintings 

Portrait of Quentin Bryce TN 2

portrait of dame quentin bryce 

Project: Portrait of The Honourable Dame Quentin Bryce AD CVO 

Client: Department of Parliamentary Services        

Services: Painting Conservation  

Treatment: This portrait of Australia's former... more

Penleigh Boyd TN 2

Penleigh boyd oil painting

Project: Penleigh Boyd oil painting

Client: Private Collection  

Services: Painting Conservation  

Treatment: For over three generations the Boyd family ... more

Replica of Raphael Painting - TN

replica of Raphael's 'Madonna della seggiola'

Project: Replica of Raphael's 'Madonna della Seggiola'

Client: Private Collection  

Services: Painting Conservation / Frame Conservation

Treatment: Raphael's 'Madonna della Seggiola' was ... more

Xanana Gusmao - TN 3

paintings by xanana gusmao

Project: Paintings by Xanana Gusmao

Client: Democratic Republic of Timor-Leste: Office of the Prime Minister 

Services: Painting Conservation  

Treatment: Xanana Gusmao is famous for his ... more

Parra Madonna - TN 2

Parramatta madonna

Project: Bohemian Madonna, St Patrick's Cathedral, Parramatta

Client: Diocese of Parramatta 

Services: Painting Conservation and Wood Conservation 

Treatment: This Bohemian wooden sculpture ... more

Cathedral of Saints Constantine and Helene Perth TN

cathedral of saints constantine and helene, perth

Project: Cathedral of Saints Constantine and Helene, Perth

Client: Hellenic Community of Western Australia

Services: Paintings Conservation

Treatment: This church, which is listed on the Western ...more

Coat of arms - thumb

coat of arms 

Project: Coat of arms

Client: National Trust of Australia (NSW)
Services: Paintings Conservation, Sculpture Conservation 

Treatment:This coat of arms from Old Government House... more

Capitol Theatre Sydney

capitol theatre, sydney

Project: Capitol Theatre, Sydney

Client: Fletcher Constructions

Services: Paintings Conservation

Treatment: ICS was involved in a major refurbishment of the Capitol Theatre...more

Ritter Intro

Portrait by j.ritter 

Project: Portrait by J. Ritter

Client: Private Collection
Services: Paintings Conservation

Treatment:The treatment of this painting was a... more

Dr Johnson TN

dr. johnson and mrs. sidaions by w.p. firth, 1884

Project: Dr. Johnson and Mrs. Sidaions by W.P. Firth, 1884

Client: Private Collection
Services: Paintings Conservation
Treatment: This painting went through an extensive... more

Bushells Building Sydney

Bushells building painted advertisement

Project: Bushell's Building painted advertisement

Client: Tanner Architects

Services: Paintings Conservation

Treatment: ICS were engaged by Tanner Architects to undertake...more

Balmain TN

st johns balmain

Project: St Johns Balmain

Client: St Johns Balmain Church, Balmain

Services: Paintings Conservation 

Treatment: The panels were cleaned and ... more

XVII portrait of Man thumbnail

Portrait of man, 1663

Project: Portrait of Man, 17th Century

Client: Private Collection
Services: Paintings Conservation
Treatment: Oil on canvas, 1663 portrait. Cleaned ... more

Luna Park Melbourne Carousel TN

Luna park carousel restoration 

Project: Luna Park Carousel restoration

Client: Luna Park Melbourne
Services: Paintings Conservation

Treatment:Luna Park Melbourne has as its centrepiece... more

Goatcher TN

goatcher curtain, 1908

Project: Goatcher Curtain, 1908

Client: Kalgoorlie Boulder City Council

Services: Painting Conservation 

Treatment: The painting was in a state of disrepair ... more


"Hunting", Oil on canvas 

Project: "Hunting", Oil on canvas
Client: Private Collection
Services: Paintings Conservation

Treatment: Upon arriving at ICS, this painting was... more


Portrait of Man 

Project: Portrait of Man
Client: Private Collection
Services: Paintings Conservation

Treatment: The tear across the middle of the forehead... more


Seascape by H.C. Simpson 

Project: Seascape by H.C. Simpson
Client: Private Collection
Services: Paintings Conservation

Treatment: The appearance of this oil on plywood... more


Portrait of a Young Girl 

Project: Portrait of a Young Girl
Client: Private Collection
Services: Paintings Conservation

Treatment: This 18th-century portrait on panel was... more

Swifts Mansion Darling Point

swifts mansion, darling point 

Project: Swifts Mansion, Darling Point

Client: Moran Health
Services: Paintings Conservation

Treatment:The interior of Swifts was original decorated...more

Australian Parliment House Key Elements TN

australian parliament house key elements artwork conservation

Project: Key Elements artwork conservation

Client: Department of Parliamentary Services (Australian Parliament House)

Services: Collections Management, Paintings Conservation

Scope: ICS were appointed by Australian Parliament House... more

Civic Theatre Newcastle TN

civic theatre newcastle interior restoration 

Project: Civic Theatre Newcastle interior restoration

Client: Group One Interiors on behalf of Newcastle City Council
Services: Paintings Conservation

Treatment: Newcastle's Civic Theatre is one of the architectural gems... more

Metal Sign Thumbnail

metal sign

Project: Metal sign

Client: Private Collection
Services: Paintings Conservation
Treatment: Waratah metal sign. Treated rust and ... more

Paintings Dutch Thumb

dutch interior

Project: Dutch Interior

Client: Private Collection
Services: Paintings Conservation
Treatment: Oil on wooden panel. Paint was surface ... more