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collection relocation


Moving a collection is a daunting task, with significant risks of damage or loss to parts of the collection. We have planned and/or moved many different collections, ranging from paintings or historic furniture to stuffed animals!

We can advise on ways to help minimise the risks to your collection, and to help the move go smoothly. We can develop procedures for the movement of collection items, wrap and/or prepare items prior to them being moved, and supervise, or physically undertake the movement of, collection items. We regularly work with specialist removalists and transport companies.

Tracking collection items during a move is an important task, in order to reduce the risk of loss. There are many ways in which to track collection movement, and we are happy to discuss there with you. We are also able to discuss with you the suitability of installing the Smarttrack RFID system, which will allow you to effectively track your collection and undertake quick collection audits through the use of small RFID tags.