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policy and strategy development


Effective policies and strategies are critical for the successful management of a collection, whether it be held by small, volunteer-run museums or State and Federal institutions. These documents will provide your organisation with the foundation to develop and manage your collection effectively, to a standard which will ensure its longevity.

Using best-practice philosophies and standards, we develop policy and strategy documents by exploring the strengths and weaknesses of your collection, as well as the needs of your organisation with respect to the ongoing maintenance, care and development of your heritage collection.

Each document is tailored specifically to your organisation and is developed in close consultation with you and your team.

We advise on the most appropriate policies or strategies, depending on the needs of your organisation. These may include:

  • Collection Management Policies
  • Collection Management Plans
  • Collection Development Strategies
  • Conservation Management Plans
  • Exhibition Policies
  • Archive Management Policies
  • Acquisition Policies
  • Disposal/De-accessioning Policies

Contact us for advice, or answers to your questions regarding policy and strategy development.