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War Memorials

war memorials

Rocky Hill War Memorial - TN

rocky hill war memorial honour roll

Project: Rocky Hill War Memorial Honour Roll

Client: City of Sydney

Services: War Memorial Conservation

Treatment: On Remembrance Day in 1926 this unique ... more

Haberfield Honour Roll - TN (2)

haberfield honour roll

Project: Haberfield Honour Roll

Client: Ashfield Council

Services: Wood Conservation

Treatment: On 27th April 2015, the Mayor of Ashfield ... more

GWM Thumbnail

glebe war memorial

Project: Glebe War Memorial

Client: City of Sydney

Services: War Memorial, Monument and Sculpture Conservation

Treatment: The Glebe War Memorial was built in 1921 ... more

  ANZAC Memorial TN  

ANzac memorial

Project: Conservation of objects and paper items
Client: ANZAC Memorial Trustees

Services: Objects Conservation, Paper Conservation
Treatment: The ANZAC Memorial in Hyde Park, Sydney
... more

Redfern Honour Board Thumbnail

redfern town hall honour boards

Project: Redern Town Hall Honour Boards

Client: City of Sydney 

Services: Building Conservation

Treatment: WWI and WWII honour board made of... more

QPM Thumbnail

queens park memorials, toowoomba

Project: Queens Park Memorials

Client: Toowoomba City Council

Services: Architectural Conservation

Treatment: There are two war memorials in Queens Park ... more

Redfern WM Thumbnail

redfern park war memorial

Project: Redern Park War Memorial

Client: City of Sydney Council

Services: Architectural / Building Conservation

Treatment: A grand granite and marble war memorial stands... more

SCEGGS WW1 HB Thumbnail

shore college ww1 honour boards

Project: Shore college WW1 Honour Board relocation

Client: Glenhaven Construction for Shore College

Services: Building Conservation

Treatment: Recording and removal of sandstone... more

NSWM Thumbnail

north sydney war memorial

Project: North Sydney War Memorial 

Client: North Sydney Council

Services: Monument Conservation

Treatment: A freestanding war memorial in St Leonards park... more

Geelong Grammar Thumbnail

geelong grammar school war memorial

Project: Geelong Grammar School War Memorial

Client: National Gallery of Australia
Services: Sculpture Conservation

Treatment: Blasting with water to remove ... more

Australian War Memorial gargoyles TN

australian war memorial gargoyles

Project: Australian War Memorial gargoyle condition assessment

Client: Australian War Memorial

Services: Architectural conservation

Treatment: The Commemorative Courtyard at the Australian War Memorial... more

Fallen Soldier Thumbnail

fallen soldier

Project: Fallen Soldier, St Mary's Cathedral, Sydney

Client: National Gallery of Australia

Services: Sculpture Conservation

Treatment: Removal for exhibition at National ... more

Australian War Memorial TN

hall of memory, australian war memorial

Project: Hall of Memory, Australian War Memorial 

Client: Australian War Memorial

Services: Architectural conservation

Treatment: The walls and dome of the Hall of Memory are... more