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INTERNATIONAL CONSERVATION SERVICES PTY LTD undertakes examination and/or conservation treatment of your object(s) at our premises under the following terms and conditions:

1. You are responsible for the cost of transportation to and from our premises. We recommend you insure the material against loss or damage during transportation. You can ask us to organise transport on your behalf in which case we will provide insurance during transport. A fee may be charged for transport and insurance arranged by us.  

2. Our estimate is valid for three (3) months from date of issue.


3. GST at 10% applies to all work, as identified in the estimate.


4. The estimated cost of treatment is based on preliminary examination. If, upon further examination or during treatment, it becomes apparent that an additional or different treatment is required, we will seek your approval before proceeding. Additional treatments will usually incur additional costs.


5. If in our opinion it is necessary to alter the proposed conservation treatment after work has commenced, we will endeavour to contact you to discuss the changes before proceeding with the altered treatment.


6. When you ask us to proceed with conservation treatment, we will request an initial payment from you. We will schedule the conservation treatment after we receive your initial payment. Receipt of your initial payment will constitute your acceptance of these terms and conditions. We do not require an initial payment from organisations providing ICS with a purchase order.  If your organisation does not facilitate purchase orders, please contact us to arrange an alternative.        


7. For treatments requiring more than 2 months and a cost of more than $5,000, we may require you to pay monthly progress invoices up to a maximum of 75% of our total fee.


8. We will invoice you for the balance of our fee upon completion of the conservation treatment.


9. Payment is required upon collection of the treated object, or within 14 days of our invoice, whichever is earliest. We may charge you an additional fee of 1.5% per month if you have not paid within 30 days. If we do not receive payment from you within 60 days of our invoice, we may engage the services of a debt collection agency, and bill you for their costs.


10. If you accept a quote and then decide to discontinue treatment after work has commenced, we will charge you for the work completed up to the time of your notification, including quotation time and additional work that may be required to stabilise the object in preparation for its return to you. 


11. We ask you to collect your object from us, or arrange for us to transport it back to you, within 30 days of: a) us notifying you that the conservation treatment is complete; or b) you deciding not to proceed with the conservation treatment. We will charge you a storage fee for each month after this period of time while your object remains in our custody. Objects that remain uncollected after 6 months will be disposed of in accordance with provisions of NSW Fair Trading Disposal Procedures.

12. If you do not notify us of your decision about proceeding with the treatment, and your object remains in our custody for more than 3 months, we may charge you storage fees.


13. We will dispose of framing and other materials left with us for more than 28 days after the collection of your artwork.

14. We can arrange to return your object to you by carrier or post. We will pack the object appropriately. We will charge you a shipping/handling fee commensurate with the cost of doing this. We will consign your object upon receipt of payment for this service.


15. Our work is undertaken in accordance with best practice conservation procedures and the Australian Institute for the Conservation of Cultural Materials’ Code of Ethics.


16. We produce before and after treatment photographs of your object for our internal record purposes. For an additional charge, we can prepare for you a brief client report based on this documentation. In addition, from time to time ICS may wish to use before and after treatment photographs for the purpose of training, presentations, published articles, the ICS website, ICS brochures, or other types of documentation related to the process and outcomes of conservation. Unless you advise otherwise prior to acceptance of our quotation, you accept these uses by agreeing to these terms and conditions of our quotation.


17. We will correct any defect or deterioration arising from our conservation treatment which, in our opinion, has occurred prematurely. Our work aims to stabilise, slow down or resolve the cause of deterioration. However, the nature of conservation work is such that we cannot guarantee that your object will not continue to deteriorate following our conservation treatment.


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