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We provide a free written quotation for all conservation, restoration or repair works on the full range of cultural and heritage materials. This includes:

  • artwork
  • paintings
  • antiques
  • works of art on paper
  • prints
  • lithographs
  • furniture
  • sculptures
  • artefacts
  • industrial machinery
  • industrial artefacts
  • tools
  • photographs
  • memorials
  • monuments
  • arcaheological artefacts
  • books
  • maps and plans
  • archival materials
  • textiles
  • tapestries and wall hangings
  • decorative art
  • masks
  • mosaics
  • cermaic tiling
  • decorative paint
  • signs
  • frames
  • gilding
  • fountains
  • archaeological remians
  • dresses and gowns
  • embroidery and silks
  • rugs

We need to inspect your item, carry out a condition assessment and establish treatment options before we can provide this quotation.

We may charge you travel time from our Sydney office where you request that we inspect your item on site.