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treatment options


Once we understand the condition of your artwork, antique or artefact, and the probable cause of deterioration, we will work out options for conservation, restoration or repair.

We will take into consideration the significance of the object (as advised by you), your desired outcome, as well as best conservation practice and our code of ethics. We will also consider long term implications for the artwork, antique or artefact, and tell you of issues which we cannot resolve or which may recur in the future.

Our conservators will discuss the likely cost of alternative conservation treatments with you to ensure that our proposal reflects the value of your object.

We provide a free treatment recommendation as part of a quotation for conservation, restoration or report of your artwork, antique or artefact. We will charge you a consulting fee to recommend conservation treatments for the purposes of:

  • sale or purchase of the object
  • loan of the object
  • insurance claim
  • legal action
  • specfic conservation works on a building