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We will commence conservation, restoration or repair work on your artwork, antique or artefact after we receive your written acceptance of our quotation, and your initial payment.

We will advise you the approximate length of time required to complete the conservation, restoration or repair of your object. This will include the lead time before we start treatment, the time taken to treat the object, and any time we require to cure, stabilise or monitor the treatment. It is normal for our work to require several weeks because many conservation treatments involve repeated processes or intervals between stages. To keep the cost of treatment to a minimum, we may need to stage the conservation work so that we can work on several items simultaneously.

We will contact you when we need extra time to complete the conservation, restoration or repair of your item.

We will also contact you if we discover additional problems or issues with your object in the course of our treatment. We will discuss options to resolve these problems or issues, including any additional costs, before proceeding with treatment.

We generally request an initial payment of approximately 30% of the quoted amount.