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collection or delivery


We will contact you when our conservation treatment and any associated framing, mounting or preparation for storage is complete.

We will send you an invoice for our work on your object. You can pay this by electronic funds transfer (EFT), credit card or cheque.

You can arrange to come in and collect your conserved object, and pay us at that time. Alternatively, you can pay us electronically and ask us to arrange for delivery of your conserved object.

If we arrange delivery for you, we will charge a packing and administration fee as well as the delivery cost. Your object will however be covered by our insurance policy until you have accepted its delivery. We will pack your object securely using new packing materials and provide handling instructions to the transport firm. We use transport companies with experience in handling valuable artworks and antiques.

We can also arrange for your object to be collected from you and delievered to us prior to conservation treatment.