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christening gowns


typical problems

Christening gowns are often badly stained through use and age and many have tears where little feet have gone through or the fragile textiles have ripped.

Christening gowns are often favourites with insects resulting in holes and staining in the affected areas.

Stains can range from light yellow through to deep orange and red colours.


Christening Gown_Textiles


treatment options

Staining and yellowing of christening gowns can often be reduced with a basic conservation treatment. Our textiles conservators are usually able to further reduce localised stains with more involved solvent treatments.

Holes and fraying of the material of the christening gown can often be repaired using small infill pieces of material colour matched to the surrounding areas.

While some christening gowns are able to be stabilised and re-used, our textiles conservators generally recommend that they be used as little as possible, and stored in a rigid acid-free box when not in use.


Christening Gown_Textiles

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