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typical problemsWedding Dress_Weddings

Older wedding dresses coming to us are often fragile and may be yellowed, with multiple stains, holes or other damage.

Most staining to wedding dresses is caused by sweat marks, mildew, spills or splashes.

Overall yellowing of wedding gowns is often the natural degradation processes of the material or fabric. This causes an acidic product and often an accompanying smell.

The holes and losses in wedding dresses may have been caused by physical damage, like stepping on the hemline, or ripping an armhole. Aged fabrics also lose integrity over time, and can break down and perish naturally, causing holes to develop.


treatment optionsWedding Blossom_Weddings

The general yellowing of wedding dresses can be reduced through a basic conservation treatment. More involved treatments are generally required to reduce spot staining, watermarks and accretions.

Lining and repair treatments to areas of holes and losses by a textiles conservator are also possible to stabilise the damaged areas, and to allow the wedding dresses to be safely handled or worn.

Proper storage solutions to minimise future deterioration are important in ensuring the longevity of your wedding gown. Our textiles conservators can provide tips on handling the dress to reduce the risk of damage in the future.


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