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shackleton's Hut, antarctica - implementation plan for north wall


In his 1907-1909 expedition to Antarctica, Ernest Shackleton constructed the Cape Royds hut. ICS was commissioned to help develop and deliver the artefact conservation program, and provide on-site conservation treatments for artefacts in-situ. The North Wall contains remnants of the stables, dog boxes and the Arrol Johnston motor cars.


  • Development of Implementation Plan for in-situ artefact conservation of the North Wall
  • Conservation and relocation of iconic fragile artefacts
  • Archaeological survey
  • Consolidation of hay bales using straw-coloured nylon mesh netting
  • Conservation treatment of wooden artefacts


Antarctic Heritage Trust of New Zealand


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   AHT North Wall

Uncovering the North Wall

AHT stables

Remaining stables, North Wall