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Cooks Landing Site - Botany Bay National Park, Kurnell, Meeting Place Precinct

exhibitions_cooks_fulla.jpgThe National Parks and Wildlife Service has commissioned a consortium of professional cultural planners to develop a precinct masterplan and interpretive plan for the highly significant site of Cook's Landing Place in the Botany Bay National Park, Kurnell. The consortium consists of ICS, Desmond Freeman Associates, The Australian Museum Business Service and Lorna Harrison Pty Ltd. ICS has responsibility for the interpretive framework.

The opportunity for the interpretation of a site of major national and international significance such as this puts ICS at the forefront of innovative cultural interpretation at a level unprecedented in Australia. Central to the interpretation is the acknowledgement of multi-layered histories which are embedded in the site as a whole. The objective, to move away from the static museum display and into the outdoors provides opportunities for guided visitor interaction which utilizes the site as a museum in its entirety.

The interpretation of Cook's Landing Site, Botany Bay, is one of the most important interpretive projects possible in Australia and one that is setting a new standard for museums and cultural centres nationally.