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Snowy Mountains Scheme


Project name

A Vision For Australia, the Snowy Mountains Scheme 1949 - 1999


The Snowy Mountains Hydro Electric Authority


Exhibition Management


In 1999 the Snowy Mountains Hydro Electric Authority celebrated the 50th anniversary of the Snowy Mountains Scheme. ICS was commissioned to create, manage and tour an exhibition of photographs of the building of the scheme. This involved identifying potential venues, creating a program that would link with each one and working with the Electric Authority to publicise the exhibition.


  • Designing exhibition concept
  • Selecting 110 photographic images
  • Printing and framing images
  • Creating labels for each image and story boards for exhibition
  • Identifying and selecting venues
  • Managing exhibition transportation
  • Installing and deinstalling at each venue

Snowy 1

A convoy struggling up Sawyer's Hill on the Snowy mountain Highway - 1960  

Snowy 2

Murray 2 Dam under construction - 1962

Snowy 3

Tumut opening ceremony - 1962