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Captain Cook Navigator


Project name

Captain Cook Navigator


World Expo 88 Australia


Exhibition Management


World Expo 88 held in Brisbane from April to October 1988 included two major cultural exhibitions, both of which were installed by ICS under its former name Campbell Conservation. The Captain Cook Navigator exhibition contained material loaned from the National Maritime Museum, Greenwich, UK, as well as the State Library of NSW. ICS were commissioned to manage all aspects of the exhibition planning and installation. This involved visiting London to agree on the objects, liaising with the designers, overseeing transportation from  London to Brisbane and installing in the purpose built exhibition building at Expo. The exhibition subsequently toured to Sydney and Auckland with ICS managing the tour.


  • Working with the design team to select objects
  • Resolving with the National Maritime Museum risk factors in relation to transportation and installation
  • Overseeing air freight transportation to Australia
  • Condition reports on objects on arrival
  • Installing objects including support fabrication
  • Managing exhibition logistics to Sydney, Perth and Auckland
  • Installing and deinstalling set, showcases and objects at each venue