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petersham horse trough 



George and Annis Bills Concrete Horse Trough, Petersham 


Marrickville Council 


Monument Conservation  


This horse trough was erected in the 1930's by the Bills Trust. It is made out of pre-cast concrete and has a dog trough attached at one side. A terrazzo plaque, situated prominently at the centre-front, reads "Donated by Annis and George Bills, Australia". Around 700 troughs were installed throughout Australia by the Bills Trust in the first half of the 20th Century to provide relief for working horses.


International Conservation Services was commissioned to remove and relocate the trough to a new platform away from the edge of the road, and to undertake conservation works on the trough. The conservation works included:

  • Replacement of the exposed and corroding connecting rods with new stainless steel rods, conservation and packing with concrete
  • Anti-corrosion treatment of exposed and corroded reinforcement
  • Surface cleaning with water and soft brushes
  • Application of biocide
  • Inpainting of plaque lettering
  • Application of silane treatment to reduce permeability, thus reducing future water ingress and slowing the rate of corrosion of reinforcement



  Petersham Horse Trough BT
  Before Treatment

  Petersham Horse Trough AT
  After Treatment

  Petersham Horse Trough detail
  Detail of Plaque