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Dean coffey Memorial


Project name

Dean Coffey Memorial


Catholic Diocese of Parramatta


Monument Conservation


This marble memorial was erected in memory of Dean Nicholas Coffey a priest of St Patrick’s Cathedral who died in 1857. The marble and the  gold gilded lettering had blackened with dirt and smoke soot over the years. When the memorial was removed from its original position it was detached and labelled using blue adhesive tape. The pieces of marble had remnants of plaster, paint and cement on the back and front side.


  • Old blue adhesive tape and residue removed from marble
  • Marble was cleaned in solution and rinsed
  • Gold gilded letters were cleaned with cotton swabs
  • Plaster residue softened and removed




Before and after treatments

C memorial before

C Mem AT

C Mem Bar BT

C Mem Bar AT

C Mem cross BT    C Mem Cross AT