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crochet table cloth



Crochet Table Cloth


Private collection


Textiles Conservation


The rectangular cotton table cloth was constructed in a repeating floral pattern. The sides of the cloth had been folded under to make the cloth square at a previous stage in its life. This allowed the cloth to be used for a smaller table. The client wished this stitching to be removed allowing the table cloth to be at its full length.

The table cloth was significantly yellowed from use and several areas had developed a darker brown discolouration, likely due to previous staining. There were also numerous areas where the crochet stitches had unravelled and large holes had developed. The client wished for these to be stabilised and repaired.


The table cloth was cleaned successfully with the staining reducing to become less visually disruptive. The holes were effectively reconstructed.

The conservation treatment involved:

  • Removal of the previous hemline on the two shorter sides to return the cloth to its original length.
  • Spot treatment on the darker stained areas to reduce discolouration
  • Aqueous wash to reduce staining of whole textile and relax folded areas
  • Reconstruction on unravelled areas to fill the voids created by the holes from lost stitches






              Crochet hold bt


Detail of hole before treatment


Crochet after treatment

Detail of hole after treatment

Crochet BT

Detail of stains

Crochet AT whole

After treatment